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Border Wait
Today was my brother's daughter's baptism. It was in Tijuana and I went with my parents and two children because my husband had to work. So we wait in line and get up there. My parents hand the agent their "green-cards" and I am holding my ID out the back window. She is sitting there with this expression of pure laziness trying to move the least amount possible. She says " I see this is going to take a long time. I need everyone's documents. I have 2 and I see 3 people." Finally I hand my ID to my father and he hands it to her. She scans all 3 cards hands them back and just sits there. Then she asks me "How did you become a citizen?" with this attitude in her voice. That is kind of rude to ask. I have always been an American citizen. So I guess I became one by being born! It pisses me off. It is one thing to be asked where you where born and another to be asked how you became and American citizen. Especially when all your info is displayed on the screen in front of them as they scan your ID. Just because half the people who work at the border have "green cards" does not mean that all the people crossing the border have them.

My husband being the white boy he is gets pissed off at the border patrol's agents attitudes every time we cross. He like can't they see I am white? We also notice that the attitudes can vary greatly by what car you are in. It is definitely different crossing with my parents (who have "green cards") and my husband(white boy). I don't even get asked anything when I cross with my husband. The worst is when they get angry with you over not understanding their thick accent! If you ask them to repeat a question they basically yell it at you and just keep asking questions which you have to try to figure out by the words you did understand or things just get worst. Not everyone has an accent but the ones that do act like they speak perfect english and should never be asked to repeat.

The power goes to their heads! They act like they are doing the most amazing job. The lady today did not even notice the two kids in the back in their car seats. They where quite obviously there. The car seats are huge and they where wearing these big coats and eating ice cream back there. I could have been smuggling 10 illegals in the back seat and cargo area and she would not have noticed. She was too busy sitting on her stool being crotchety to do her job correctly. She was just concerned with not having to move out of her stool to scan the cards of the people who's heads where peeping out the windows. If I would have left my window shut would she not have even bothered with me?


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