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I live in this area of San Diego called Chula Vista. The further east you go the newer and more parks you find. I went to the park with the kids today that they call "the water park." It has sprinklers that they can run through as well as a regular play ground. Well the sprinklers were shut off for some reason so the kids played on the playground equipment. All the kids love this huge circle that is sloped and spins. A bunch of boys where on there and my 3 year old daughter grabs onto one of the sections to spin with them. One of the youngers boys (around 5) takes her sunglasses off her face and tells her if she wants them back to get off. She gets off and the boy throws the sunglasses into the wood chips. I tell him to leave her alone and one of the other boys grabs the sunglasses and throws them even further. By this time I am pretty angry and I basically yell at the boy to leave her alone. The mothers never once even turn their heads to see what was going on. I felt like grabbing the two kids and dragging them over to their mothers and yelling just at much at the mothers as the kids by this point. Their daughter asked what was wrong but they just sat there gabbing away. How could someone just ignore their kids like that. I went to another park and the kids had a wonderful time. The really like the mister they have at the other park.


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